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Para Kazan

internetten Para Kazan

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The Ultimate WordPress Question & Answer Plugin

WP-Answers was the first comprehensive Question & Answer system for WordPress and remains the best.

Easily integrate with any existing WordPress Theme

You can now use WP-Answers with any WordPress theme - simply create a few pages and away you go.

Free responsive theme included with many features

Our brand new state of the art theme is clean, responsive, easy to customize and looks amazing - check it out.

Auto-generate Content from Stack Exchange

Kick start your community by pulling content from Stack Exchange API and make your site look busy from the start.

Integrates with Facebook & Twitter for Viral Growth

Let users login with Facebook or Twitter and then spread your content virally by automatically posting to their profiles.

Encourage user participation in your blog community

Reward your users with points and display a leader board to encourage participation via competition with other users.

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The Ultimate Question & Answer System for WordPress

Easily add a Question & Answer community to your existing site or create a new stand-alone community.


Social Integration allows for Viral Growth

Allow your users to signup & login with Facebook or Twitter and auto-post their Questions / Answers to their accounts.


Built-In Moderation & Spam Tools

Built-in support for the reCaptcha system on signup and question submission to prevent spammers.


Reward users to encourage particpation

Complete configurable points system is included: users earn from questions, answers and comment upvotes or downvotes.

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