My Python program compiles long enough to take input, but won't process the input

def funcName():

Storing inputs for the user’s favourite subjects.

    in0 = input("Type your first favourite subject.")
    in1 = input("Type your second favourite subject.")
    in2 = input("Type your third favourite subject.")

    favSubjects = ['Physics', 'Computer_Science', 'Lunch']

Creating list of user’s favourite subjects.

    favSubjects2 = []

Storing user’s favourite subjects.

    favSubjects2[0] = in0
    favSubjects2[1] = in1
    favSubjects2[2] = in2

Comparing program’s subjects with the user’s.

    if(favSubjects[0] == favSubjects2[0] or favSubjects[0] == favSubjects2[1] or favSubjects[0] == favSubjects2[2]):
    elif(favSubjects[1] == favSubjects2[0] or favSubjects[1] == favSubjects2[1] or favSubjects[1] == favSubjects2[2]):
    elif(favSubjects[2] == favSubjects2[0] or favSubjects[2] == favSubjects2[1] or favSubjects[2] == favSubjects2[2]):

def main():




  1. CoryKramer
    0 Votes

    This will produce an IndexError as you cannot assign to indices that do not yet exist

    favSubjects2 = []
    favSubjects2[0] = in0
    favSubjects2[1] = in1
    favSubjects2[2] = in2

    To store these items in your list you should use the following

    favSubjects2 = [in0, in1, in2]
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