Recursively document R package

I’m trying to build my first package with RStudio.

I already had a project with R files and I just changed the project layout like this:


My DESCRIPTION file contains the following text:

Package: my-package
Title: Package title
[email protected]: person("Ben",
  email = "[email protected]",
  role = c("aut", "cre"))
Description: blabla
    R (>= 3.3.2)
License: file LICENSE
Encoding: UTF-8
LazyData: true
VignetteBuilder: knitr
RoxygenNote: 5.0.1

All my functions contain roxygen comments. And when I use the Build/Document function in RStudio, it says:

==> devtools::document(roclets=c('rd', 'collate', 'namespace', 'vignette'))

Updating my-package documentation
Loading my-package
Updating vignettes
Documentation completed

But the man pages and the NAMESPACE file remain empty.

If I Build&Reload the project, I have a No man pages found in package message.

So I guess the Document command was not applied correctly. If I put an R script with comments directly at the root of the R folder, it finds it. Is there a way to make RStudio explore recursively all my code folders or should I just put all my files at the root of the R folder (which is cumbersome for someone coming from the Java world…)?



  1. Roman Luštrik
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    R documentation states that only the following folders are allowed (and have their own functions):

    The man subdirectory may contain a subdirectory named macros; this will contain source for user-defined Rd macros. (See User-defined macros.) These use the Rd format, but may not contain anything but macro definitions, comments and whitespace.

    The R and man subdirectories may contain OS-specific subdirectories named unix or windows.

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