WKInterfaceSKScene to show SpriteKit debug information

I’m using SpriteKit on WatchOS and want to see the FPS, nodes and physics bodies.
However, the usual way of doing this is with UIView.showsFPS (etc.)
Under WatchOS, I don’t have a view.
My structure is as per the default Apple structure:

-> WKInterfaceSKScene
-> SKScene

ie. WKInterfaceSKScene is in place of the UIView and calling the scene but doesn’t have a showsFPS value.

Is there a way to show the FPS etc?

(Trivia: the actual bug I’m trying to fix is with physics bodies of scaled shapes not contacting. I understand physics bodies don’t scale, but want to see exactly what is happening – correction, they do scale, I had them in the wrong place.)



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