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NOTE: WP Answers is now a part of WPeka Club. It will be sold from WPeka Club only. The purchase links will go to WPeka Club.

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  2. Hi,

    I’m planning to build a Q/A site.
    I have some questions.

    1. What the cheapest WordPress plan do I have to purchase to use your product?

    2. If I use it, could the admin edit something like change/assign badges or titles? I don’t need “leader”, but need roles like tutor L1 (tutor level 1), student L1 (student level 1), moderator, admin, etc.

    3. Could the admin add points to a user as a reward or reduce the points as a punishment?

    4. Could the admin decide who can ask, who can answer (like forum settings)? Or the users must have certain amount of points to ask.

    5. Could the point rewarding the contributors with be divided among several contributors? Or can only reward one? Sometimes, the answers by several contributors all help.

    7. Is the license life-time, or only for one year?

    8. Could I backup data (user info and Q/A, everything) and be imported later if I upgrade my whole website?

    9. Could I set backup automatically to reduce the loss if hacked?

    Best regards, Shaun

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