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5 Tips to make your Q&A site popular

You have happily created a Q & A website. But you might wonder that a site whose’s purpose is to build traffic is in need of visitors. It is a difficult time for you but with time and efforts you can surely change this status.

As the name suggests, Q&A websites is all about solving the queries of your audience. In a typical question and answer website, popular questions and queries are answered by different people. In this way when netizens around the globe try to look for the solution of a particular problem on the internet, they stumble upon your website and are benefited. Thus helping you to generate traffic. Hence the relationship between the Q&A website owner and the audience, is of mutual benefit.

But even after following proper guidelines and protocols laid down for creating a Q&A website, you might notice plummeting traffic or decreasing popularity of your website. So what would you do to change the current condition of your website? Well, these 5 tips can prove to be immensely helpful under such scenarios.

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