5 Tips to make your Q&A site popular

You have happily created a Q & A website. But you might wonder that a site whose’s purpose is to build traffic is in need of visitors. It is a difficult time for you but with time and efforts you can surely change this status.

As the name suggests, Q&A websites is all about solving the queries of your audience. In a typical question and answer website, popular questions and queries are answered by different people. In this way when netizens around the globe try to look for the solution of a particular problem on the internet, they stumble upon your website and are benefited. Thus helping you to generate traffic. Hence the relationship between the Q&A website owner and the audience, is of mutual benefit.

But even after following proper guidelines and protocols laid down for creating a Q&A website, you might notice plummeting traffic or decreasing popularity of your website. So what would you do to change the current condition of your website? Well, these 5 tips can prove to be immensely helpful under such scenarios.

  • Prompt response to visitors on the site – Q&A website is all about reciprocating and communicating with your audience. The idea is to make the website interactive. But if you refrain from communicating with your website visitors, then gradually over the course of time, your website would look monotonous and static. So, whenever a person asks a query, try to revert back as soon as possible. Such a gesture instills faith and helps to maintain a steady inflow of traffic.
  • Use your social networks – Advent of social media has eased all our lives. It is not only a good platform to connect and interact with people, social network is also a very powerful and extremely effective marketing tool. So why not utilize it? By using social media, you can target new audience and reach out to a many more. Also users who are benefited by the content provided by your website can share your website’s content on various social networking platforms, thus further increasing your reach.
  • Improve your SEO – Even if your website has very helpful suggestions and solutions, it will have less chance of being discovered by the search engine. Hence, you need to make sure that it is search engine optimized, select the keywords properly and make sure that they match the query being answered. Mention your website’s link in another third party website, which has similar questions that has already been answered in your Q&A website. It gives link back to your website.
  • Communicate to people you know – You can ask your friends or the people you know to join and contribute. They can refer to others. So if people refer people the community widens.
  • Use latest trends to develop new customers – The current market is ever changing. Hence it brings a lot of questions with it. So you should study and get to know the current market trends and practices, and answer questions from different domains and fields. Thus it will help you to add a lot of new readers.