WP-Answers Fixes – 3.1 Released

A big thank you to everyone who has submitted bug reports to us, there were a few things which needed fixing in 3.0 so today we have just sent out version 3.1. Sorry this version wasn’t quick enough for some people but we have been away because of the holiday period so from now on, updates will go out quicker.

What has been fixed :

  • reCaptcha was allowing incorrect codes to be submitted
  • Error : “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class WP_Admin_Bar” was appearing when using “Post Now”
  • Top Users Profile Links
  • Profile Links in Comments
  • Yahoo Answers users had same avatars in comment threads
  • Yahoo Answers API key was saving but not showing in admin
  • Logo upload fixed
  • Users could submit empty questions, now title and description required

We are working on a few more non-crtical bugs and will release this in time. If you notice anything else you are free to submit it to us.

Upgrade Information

Before upgrading to 3.0 please make sure you take a complete backup of your site including the database incase anything goes wrong.

To upgrade, delete the old plugin and theme and upload the new ones – and activate them both.